Dare to Live a Life of Balance and Happiness

  • Stronger and more fulfilling relationships
  • Be at home with your own body
  • Clarity on life purpose and goals
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
Experience-Based Life Coaching
You will learn intentional action and proper goal setting so that you see how your journey unfolds step-by-step.
Emotional Healing and Release
I will guide you through how you can heal emotionally and release pent-up negative energy.
Personal Success Strategy
I will help you learn how to use transformative breakthrough tools that will ultimately lead to your success.

You deserve to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, filled with joy and purpose

We’ve all felt lost and helpless. At some point in our lives, we had that 'unfulfilled' feeling.
When you're struggling with career satisfaction, balancing the demands of work and family, improving relationships, or discovering your life's purpose, it can leave you feeling lost and frustrated
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Unleash Your Potential

My coaching can help you how to


  • Ignite a life of purpose and meaning
  • Strengthen relationships and foster deep connections
  • Release ties to your past
  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Lead with fearless courage and unbreakable conviction
  • Overcome life’s challenges with grace and fortitude
  • Sidestep career roadblocks and reach new heights of success

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About Monica Campbell


In my role as a Lived Experience Life Coach, I draw wisdom from my own life experience.

Being the third child of four latchkey kids whose alcoholic father left when my brother was only three weeks old, my siblings and I raised ourselves.

My single mother, who grew up in Mexico and only finished third grade, worked long hours to support our family. Although she tried her best, her absence left us with little emotional support and no affirmation for our growth into strong individuals-instead we identified with our situation and relatives' pity.

In my case, I wondered why I was even born and questioned my value. In high school, I followed my father's example by using alcohol to dull my pain, feign my confidence, and gain social acceptance.

My first boyfriend, who I married at 22, exaggerated my lack of self-worth by constantly criticizing and controlling everything I said and did.

For years, I believed that I could never be loved despite my flaws. Remarried and with three children, I established myself as an ambitious breadwinner, a caring mother, and a perfect wife who deserved love and respect.

My real estate business became my lifeline, replacing pieces of my crumbling self-esteem. I learned to understand different personalities, how to deal with challenges, how to set goals, manifest my inner drive, and ultimately, how to love and support myself.

After I divorced my husband and became self-sufficient, I was alienated from much of my family. Had I not found inner strength and trusted guidance I previously could not hear, I would have succumbed to the rejection and financial hardship.


My inner beacon led me into the unknown, where I created my dream life.

Today, I am the proud mother of three biological children and two bonus daughters, a top producer in real estate with over $350 million in sales, and in better shape than ever. 

As a mentor and confidante to women from all backgrounds, I guide my clients with wisdom, love, and gratitude to help them reach their full potential and succeed in life. My mission is to empower you to be the best version of yourself, to stand up for what you believe in, and to flourish without hesitation.

The older I get, the more confident I am in my skin, the more trusting I am in my intuition, and the more I love myself as I want to be loved. Rather than shrink into a shadow of my old self, I expanded into my full potential--and now it is my privilege to help you do the same.

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