YOU came here to be more.

Ever think or feel:

There is more to me than I am currently experiencing.

I know I can be in better physical, emotional, and mental shape.

Am I truly enjoying my life?

Am I comfortable in my own skin?

Am I enjoying being me as I get older?

How can I improve my relationships with others?

'Self Directed' Guidance
This is your life.   I am here to help you understand how to take action from your own empowered state.  
Emotional Healing and Release
Much of what stops us toward a joyful life are the stories we tell ourselves about past 'traumas' we have experienced.  Let's work together to move beyond the pain of the past, freeing ourselves to be all we came here to be.
Aging Optimally
No matter what we do, time passes.  How does one age optimally?  Being in my 50's and having 3 biological children has taught me some valuable lessons with respect to getting older.  And no, I am not referring to being wrinkle free.  I am referring to being healthy, vibrant, and strong no matter what your age is. 

It is time for you to work with someone who can shine the light on your own power!

We live in a time where anyone can be an 'influencer'.  Once you have enough followers on social media, you can be coined an expert in your field.  Yet, most of what is portrayed on social media is an act.  Your life is NOT an act.  Your life is your reality, what you decide to create. 
Look around at people, in public, and you will see an emptiness.  Most people have given up.  This is not you and that is the reason you are here. 
You came to be and KNOW more as you. 
I am so excited to be on this journey with you.  I adore watching others shine!





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Be More Now!

My guidance can help you:
  • Ignite a life of purpose and meaning.
  • Strengthen relationships and foster deep connections.
  • Release¬†chains to your past.
  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Be YOU empowered-fully
  • Create Solutions rather than Obstacles
  • Manifest with Your Magical Vibes

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About Monica Campbell

I draw wisdom from my own life experience while observing others.

Being the third child of four latchkey kids whose alcoholic father left when my brother was only three weeks old, my siblings and I raised each other, with lots of help from our loyal mother.

My single mother, who grew up in Mexico and only finished third grade.  Initially, when my father left us, we were on welfare because my little brother was too young to leave by himself.  Once he was able to go to Kindergarten, my mother got a job to support us. 

She worked many long hours.  Although she tried her best, her absence left us with little emotional support and no affirmation for our growth into strong individuals.  We absorbed much pain and pity growing up in these conditions. 

In my case, I wondered why I was even born and questioned my value. In high school, I followed my father's example by using alcohol to dull my pain, feign my confidence, and gain social acceptance.

My first boyfriend, who I met at 17 and married at 22, exaggerated my lack of self-worth by constantly criticizing and attempting to control what  I said and did.

For years, I believed that I could never be loved despite my flaws. Once married and with three children, I established myself as an ambitious breadwinner, a caring mother, and a perfect wife who deserved love and respect.

My real estate business became my lifeline, replacing pieces of my crumbling self-esteem. I learned to understand different personalities, how to deal with challenges, how to set goals, manifest my inner drive, and ultimately, how to love and support myself.

After I divorced my first husband and became self-sufficient, I was alienated from much of my family. Had I not found inner strength and trusted guidance I previously dismissed, I would have succumbed to the rejection and financial hardship.

Today, I am joyfully married to my fabulous husband, Jay Campbell.  And yes, there is so much more to tell.

Now, let's rewrite your story and create your best life ever!

My inner beacon led me into the known 'intuitively', where I created my dream life.

Today, I am the proud mother of three biological children and two bonus daughters and in better shape than ever.   I have learned so much about life, people and relationships through being a top producer in real estate.

As a mentor and confidante to women from all backgrounds, I guide my fellow beings with wisdom, love, and gratitude to help them reach their full potential and succeed in life. My mission is to empower you to be the best version of yourself, to KNOW and TRUST what is best for you and to flourish without hesitation.

The older I get, the more confident I am in my skin, the more trusting I am in my intuition, and the more I love myself as I want to be loved. Rather than shrink into a shadow of my old self, I expanded into my full potential--and now it is my privilege to help you do the same.

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Create Solutions.  Be Present to Your Magic. Embrace the adventure.

Discover your path to create your Life By Design.

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